The team has shared with you the passion for surfing for many years.

You have the possibility to choose more or less long sessions and to spread the courses over several weeks. Soonline Surf School provides trainees with all the necessary equipment to follow the lessons.

Soonline Surf School offers quality surf courses and lessons on the coast of Moliets 40660. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Soonline Surf School team on their website or by phone.

Discover or rediscover the pleasure of taming the ocean and its waves. Practice surfing on an exceptional site and take an unforgettable pleasure.

Vcome and discover this surf riding school in Moliets 40660. You are interested in sliding sports, you can choose between a good number of formulas for your surf course.

All the instructors offer you programs adapted to your level.

Whatever your age and level, don't waste a minute and sign up for a course or a surf lesson at Soonline Surf SchoolThe courses start for little beginners from the age of four up to the perfection of champions.

Group of trainees finishing their surf session